What is a Teen Advisory Board?

A Teen Advisory Board (TAB) is a group of teens between 6th and 12th grade who are interested in becoming more involved in their community and library. 

What does a Teen Advisory Board do?

Teens can give input on library YA collections, contribute to blogs or other library publications, help lead/create programming, volunteer at events, organize community service projects, and/or

influence how their library serves teens. In short, a TAB will help to select materials that they and other teens would like to see in the

library.  They will be able to develop programs and events that they will enjoy, and hopefully bring other teens to the library.

What are some examples of things TABs have done besides choose books and materials for the library?

What a Teen Advisory Board does is only limited by the imagination and the desire of the people involved. As long as it is not illegal or dangerous, participants will have an opportunity to explore whatever activities they wish.

  • Sponsoring book and activity clubs like anime/manga, tech/gaming, or writers’ groups
  • Build an escape room, plan a scavenger hunt, plan a costume party
  • Creating and maintaining a website or page specifically for teens
  • Book and material delivery to home-bound patrons
  • Gaming tournament with teen-made trophies
  • After school homework help or computer mentors
  • Read-a-thon or a library overnight “lock-in”
  • Fundraising activities for the library or TAB
  • Finals Week Study-a-Thon

Who can join the Mondovi Public Library TAB?

Anyone who is currently in 6th through 12th grade in school.

Why would I want to join the TAB?

In addition to making decisions about teen issues at the library, participating in the Teen Advisory Board can count as community service hours, which some of you need for graduation. Also, I will be willing to act as a reference for college and job applications! Also, it’s a lot of fun.

Will there be food?

Yes, pizza will be provided by the library.

When will the TAB meet?

Teens who show up at the current meeting work together to schedule the next meeting. So far, all meetings have been on either the first or second Thursday of the month. If you haven’t been to a meeting before, don’t worry! Attendance at all meetings is NOT a requirement. 

 How do I get involved?

Call the library at 715.926.4403, email us at mondovipl@mondovilibrary.org, message us on Facebook by visiting www.facebook.com/mondovipublib,

or stop in and let us know! I’d like to have enough pizza for everyone!