Hello Everyone! Instead of a link today we are going to share some news. We know that many of you are excited to hear about the possibility of curbside service from libraries in Wisconsin – we are too! Here is what I can tell you so far. Emergency Order #12 will run through until April 24th meaning that any service would not start until after this date. We have a lot to consider and figure out before this time. We want to offer this service to the community but first need to plan ways to do so that ensure the health and safety of staff and customers while following the distancing restrictions in Emergency Order #28. The Library Board is meeting on Tuesday, April 21st at 10 am and this service will be among the topics discussed. Further the Department of Instruction is in talks this week to better understand what is acceptable for these services and develop some best practices. Please check back on our website and Facebook page for more information as it becomes available!