Library Pandemic Services

Is the Library Open?

Yes, the library is open to the public. When in the library, customers have the option of wearing a mask. If preferred, please ask staff to wear a mask during your visit. 

Can I use curbside pick-up?

Yes, the library offers curbside pick-up for anyone who is unable or uncomfortable coming into the library. We ask that you please call the library when you arrive outside to let us know you are there. 

Library Phone: (715) 926-4403

Feel free to contact us regarding questions about curbside pick-up. 


Have your hours changed?

The hours on our website are accurate. 

We are open: Mon. 10 AM – 6 PM; Tues. 10 AM – 7 PM; Wed. 10 AM – 6 PM; Thurs. 10 AM – 7 PM; Fri. 10 AM – 4 PM; Sat. 9 AM – 12 PM; Sun. CLOSED.

Can I bring in stuff to work on?

We are now allowing customers to sit in the library and work/read/etc. Our wireless internet is reachable from outside the building on the street and in the parking lot.

Can I use the Library computers?

Yes, we have two desktops and one laptop computer available for use by customers. We are taking reservations to use the computer. If there is not a reservation the computers may be used on a first-come, first-served basis.

To make a reservation call the library at (715) 926-4403.

How do I request materials in from other libraries?

You can request materials from other Winding Rivers Library Systems libraries a few ways. 

1. You can log onto the library catalog by entering your library barcode number and your pin, which is defaulted at creation to the last 4 digits of your phone number. Search for the item(s) you wish to borrow, click the “Request It” button, and select “Mondovi” as the pick-up location. 

2. Call the library or stop in and speak with a librarian who can request the item(s) for you. 

If you material you seek is not owned by a Winding Rivers Library System Library, please contact or stop by the library to see if a librarian can borrow the material from another library in the state. 


What happens if the Library closes again?

If the library closes again we will make every effort to maintain curbside pick-up and our returns bin will remain open. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the library. 

Where/How do I return materials?

All materials can be returned at the circulation desk or in the book drop, located next to the front door of the library. Materials will no longer be quarantined before being checked in. This decision was made after recommendations from WI DPI, WRLS, and the CDC. If materials remain on your account for more than 72 hours after they are returned, feel free to contact the library and we will check on your account.

If you are returning a large number of items (25+), please bring them in to the library if we are open. This is done to prevent our returns bin from overflowing and to prevent dropping materials from damaging other items already returned.

Please view our Phased Reopening Guidelines for a more complete picture of what the library is doing and intends to do as the pandemic progresses. 

Phased Reopening Guidelines

Health Pandemic Policy


Contact the Mondovi Public Library at (715) 926-4403 or