Computers, Printing, WiFi and More…


The Mondovi Public Library has two desktop computers available for use by guests. The computers have a one hour session length unless there is no one waiting, then you may ask a staff member for an extension. We also have 4 laptops and 2 chromebooks that are available for in house check out. These also check out for 1 hour and we have computer mice for use with them if desired.


The library has free WiFi for anyone who comes to the library. Guests can bring their own devices to connect to the WiFi with, or they can check out a laptop or chromebook at the circulation desk. When the library is not open, the WiFi can still be connected to if the device is within close proximity.

Printing and Copying

The Mondovi Public Library offers both black & white and coloring printing, as well as copying. All payments for printing and copying are considered voluntary donations, and we recommend $0.25 per page.


The Mondovi Public Library has a fax machine that staff can use to help you send papers with. If you need something faxed, ask at the circulation desk for assistance. All payments for faxing are voluntary donations and we recommend $1.00 for the first page, and $0.25 for every page thereafter.


Our large printer/copy machine has the option to scan. Scanning is completely free and all scanned papers will be sent to the user’s email address. If you need help scanning, please ask at the circulation desk.


The Library has headphones available for in-library use at the circulation desk. They work with all out computers and any device with an auxiliary jack.