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Dedicated young adult space encourages discovery of new ideas and provides an inviting location to tackle homework.

Re-imagined iconic facade beckons newcomers to come inside, explore, learn and grow.

Vibrant children’s area engages early learners, ignites passion and fosters creativity.

Curated adult space compels lifelong learners to find respite in reading, develop new interests, and reconnect with old friends.


Reinvented study areas provide focused learners a dedicated space free of distractions.

Floor plans anchored in thoughtful configuration will enhance staff flexibility and improve guest experience.

Dedicated community spaces will foster increased opportunities, improved partnerships, and brilliant new ideas.

Newly constructed entrance will empower those with disabilities by creating equitable access to all library services and resources.


Defined program areas will alleviate overcrowding and allow learners of specific age groups to assemble independently and pursue distinctly relevant content.

Dedicated technology spaces will align overall programming with 21st century interactive learning.

Reimagined interiors will create inviting spaces that are full of natural light, inspiring people to gather, collaborate, and connect.

Reinvented children’s spaces will eliminate unsupervised secondary access points and improve staff sight lines, fostering an improved sense of security.

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Ed & Shirley Mahlum

Donation of land to be the Future Site of the Library

Phyllis Johnson

Repeated Donor

Steven & Becky Williamson

Donated December 2018

Friends of Music

Donated February 2019

Olive Bielmeier & Family

Donated August 2019

Mondovi Youth Community Center

Donated September 2019

Ed & Shirley Mahlum

Donation of Land to be Future Parking Lot for the Library

Gilmanton Community Club

Donated October 2019

Sons of Norway - Mondovi Chapter

Donated November 2019

Sacred Heart Parish Council of Church Women

Donated December 2019

Ed & Shirley Mahlum

Repeated Donors

Mayo Foundation of Medical Education and Research

Donated December 2019

Nordson Corporation

Donated December 2019

In Memory of Titus Vettrus

Compeer Financial

Donated February 2020

Terri Vettrus

Donated February 2020

In Memory of Helen Larson

A-C Tax and Accounting LLC

Donated February 2020

Dennis & Mary Brion

Donated February 2020

In Honor of Ed Mahlum

Phyllis Johnson

Donated February 2020

In Honor of Ed Mahlum

Jane Kirkpatrick

Donated April 2020

Alliance Bank

Annual Donor 2020-2025

Mondovi Area Clergy Association

Donated August 2020 in Honor of the 2020 Mondovi Graduating Class

Zion Lutheran Ladies Society in Mondovi

Donated September 2020

Citizen's Community Federal Bank in Mondovi

Donated September 2020

Capital Campaign and Building Documents

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does the Mondovi Public Library need a new building?

The Mondovi Public Library serves more than 8,000 people in the area. Since 1996, the library has increased the number of programs available by 566%, and the number of attendees by over 790%. The Library holds more than 17,000 items for circulation. At only 2,555 square feet, we are not able to offer the space, equipment, programs and collections that the members of the Mondovi community expect and deserve. Furthermore, having all the Library’s resources on the ground level will enable it to become increasingly user friendly and for the first time compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1991.

Are libraries really needed in this age of technology?

Libraries are more vital and necessary than ever. Studies show that public libraries experience an increase in usage when their libraries have been expanded, recreated or renovated. This includes both materials checked-out and program attendance, even while technology is more and more available in homes. Particularly in difficult economic times, libraries ‘level the playing field’ – offering all people equal access to the tools they need to stay informed, educated and connected. Communities throughout Wisconsin are expanding their current libraries or building new ones to meet the needs of the community. Libraries are a vital resource, especially in rural areas where service and access are not equal.


As the role of the public library has evolved from a quiet place to read and check out books, to a community space, technology center, and general meeting spot for the community, so too has the need for additional space increased. Our building plans have been carefully designed by industry professionals to meet those needs and provide an outstanding library for current users and future generations alike. Additionally, with increased space in the Library comes increased partnerships with businesses and organizations in and around Mondovi, particularly those who otherwise do not have their own space in our community,


How much space are you adding? What are the plan details?

The new building will more than double our current square footage, taking the Library from 2,555 square feet to just over 6,000 square feet. The new single-story building will provide additional space to every section of the Library. It includes a new teen area, separate computer and technology spaces for different age groups, a specified study room and a community room. It will feature more space for a larger library collection, larger technology areas, reading areas, and learning areas. The layout lends itself to better sight lines throughout the library, eliminates unmonitored access to the building, and has an abundance of natural light. Plans may evolve over time, but our square footage and layout will remain largely unchanged.

What does the new Library design look like?

The most recent renderings and floor plans of the Mondovi Public Library can be found in City Hall and on the Library’s website, just above these FAQs.  

How will the new Library be funded and how much will the Library cost?

The new Library will be supported entirely through a private, community-driven investment campaign. Community members are leading the campaign to raise the funds necessary to ensure that the Library meets our community’s needs. 

The current estimate for the new building is at $1.5 million. We hope that the money can be raised as soon as possible to prevent this number from inflating due to economic changes. We plan to break ground on the new Library by 2023, though we have everything in place should we be able to build sooner. 

Will the Library remain open during construction?

Yes, the Library will remain open until the construction on the new Library is completed. At that time, we will vacate our current space and take up residence solely in the new building. 

How can I make a donation to the Capital Campaign/New Library Building?

Donations to the new Library can be made in a variety of ways. Donations can be made directly to the Library. They can be pledged over a number of years, and can be monetary, stocks, goods, services and more. All donations are subject to Library Board approval and are tax deductible. 

How will donors be recognized?

Every gift to the Mondovi Public Library is an important step toward making the vision of the new Library a reality. Gifts will be recognized in many ways such as naming rights for rooms and areas within the Library as detailed on the Recognition Opportunities. Gifts will also be recognized through pavers outside the Library, a giving tree in the atrium and on an electronic giving wall in a prominent place in the Library. While we feel strongly that support at all levels should be publicly acknowledged, anonymity will be strictly respected if requested. 

How can I get involved?

Please contact Capital Campaign Committee Chair, Terri Vettrus, or Library Director, Katelyn Noack, for ways to get involved. 

Terri Vettrus: (715) 563-3023 or 

Katelyn Noack: (715) 926-4403 or 

Examples include but are not limited to donating (monetary, in-kind, printing, manufacturing, etc.), volunteering, fundraising, marketing, and so much more.

Are these the final drawings for the project?

While we expect the layout and design of the building to remain largely unchanged, these plans are preliminary and are subject to alteration throughout the course of the Building Project. 

Where will the new Library be?

The new library will be directly next to the current building on the vacant lot. The two buildings will be attached but it is not an expansion – it is an entirely separate building. 

What is going to happen to the old Library?

The current Library will be entirely vacated once we move in to the new building. Then, it is up to City Hall to decide what they would like to do with the building. 

If you're building on the parking lot, where am I supposed to park?

Through the generosity of the Mahlum Family, the Library owns the property at 147 W. Hudson Street – directly across from the library building. It is the intention of the Library to demolish that structure in the summer of 2020, to create a parking lot for library customers. 

Contact Information

Katelyn Noack, Library Director  –  (715) 926-4403  – 

Terri Vettrus, Capital Campaign Chair  –  (715) 563-3023  –