As the weather turns a bit cooler, I have to say that this was the best fall – weather wise – that we have had in a while! Everything at the library continues to run, in it’s altered fashion, smoothly and for this week I want to mention a few of our newer titles.

“The Cat I Never Named: A Story of Love, War, and Survival” by Amra Sabic-El-Rayess. The autobiography takes place in Bihac, Bosnia, 1992. Amra was a teenager when her best friend said they could no longer speak, because Amra was a Muslim. At this time, many Muslim refugees were fleeing to Bosnia to escape persecution in Serbia, and in 1992 Amra’s city came under siege. In these dark times of her life came along a stray cat, who no one seems to want around at first but over time their perspectives change as the cat seems to ‘save the family’ more times than one. This book is the true, first hand account of Amra who, despite the war, was determined to obtain an education, maintain her friendships, and live her life along with the cat who gave comfort, hope, and looked out for the family.

“Invisible Girl” by Lisa Jewell. Another thriller novel comes from bestselling author Lisa Jewell about a man, Owen Pick, whose life is falling apart. Nothing seems to have gone right for him, as he lives in his aunt’s house, in his early thirties, was just suspended from his job by false allegations, and the neighbors think he is creepy. Speaking of the neighbors, a family of three, the mom is a physiotherapist, the dad is a psychologist, and their teenage daughter. The dad has recently finished therapy with a patient, Saffyre, who is upset their sessions have come to an end and now finds any way possible to maintain contact with the family, even if it is from the shadows outside. Now Saffyre is missing and the last person to see her was Owen Pick. This book is called “evocative, vivid, and unputdownable prose [with] plenty of disturbing twists and turns.”

“The Colorwork Bible: Techniques & Projects for Colorful Knitting” by Jesie Ostermiller. Full of colorful pictures and patterns this book is sure to delight every lover of yarn in the upcoming cozy season. The book features 12 original designs ‘to help you show off your newly mastered knowledge’. Each chapter is a mini workshop on a different colorwork technique, and is full of handy tips, tricks, and techniques to bring your projects to the next level.  If you love knitting, you will love this book.

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