We have been in our Phase II of reopening for about two weeks, and we are pleased to report that everything is going well. We have restarted our newspaper subscription to the Eau Claire Leader Telegram, and it is available to read in the library along with the Buffalo County News and the Durand Courier Wedge. We have taken a step back from our Take-and-Make projects in order to focus on planning the Summer Reading Program.

The Summer Reading Program will be a hybrid program and feature both in-person programming and take-home programming. This will be done to ensure safety for staff and participants as well as to make sure that everyone can participate in the fun programs. The Summer Reading Program for all ages, 0 through adult, will begin on June 7th, 2021 and run until July 31st, 2021.

We will see a similar format for the reading program as previous years. Children and teens will create their own reading goal. This goal can be number of pages read, number of minutes read, number of books read, whatever is both challenging and attainable for them. There is a path on the reading log and the participant will cross off the next spot on the path each time they reach their goal. Once they reach their goal a certain number of times, they will be eligible for a prize! Prizes include free books, ice cream coupons, and trinkets. For the adult reading program, each time an adult finishes a book or audiobook they can fill out an entry slip and choose between a variety of prizes. Participants may enter only once or multiple times depending on their reading voracity. Winners will be drawn at the conclusion of the Summer Reading Program.

We are very grateful to our many donors to our Summer Reading Program! We will announce all donors on our website under Summer Reading, which will be posted sometime in May, and all donors will be recognized on the children and teens Reading Log. Due to the generosity of our donors, we were able to purchase tangible prizes for all ages, including over 140 prize books to be given out. We are also able to purchase the supplies needed for our in-person and take-home programming. The Summer Reading Program wouldn’t be great without their support, thank you!