We are excited to announce the generous donation of $50,000, pledged over two years to the Mondovi Public Library Building Fund from Alliance Bank! With their donation Alliance Bank has been granted the naming rights of our new circulation area and staff area in the new Library Building. If you are interested in seeing where that is, check out our building plans on the Library website under the tab Capital Campaign. With this donation and others our new current funding total is just under $600,000, almost half of our goal for building.

Here is an update on our building project fundraising:

The Capital Campaign Committee paused in fundraising efforts during the pandemic knowing that it was an uncertain time for many and wanting to be respectful during that time. While some things are still uncertain, the Committee felt like enough was becoming known again to ease back into fundraising for the new building. That is why we are so excited to be kicking off our renewed efforts with the announcement of this incredible donation by Alliance Bank. The Committee is talking about beginning to approach businesses and members of the community for donations again, but it may be a while yet before we can start to plan events. It is important to us to be safe and keep all members of the community safe. We hope that we are able to plan an event soon, but only time will tell.

Are you curious how the new library will be funded and how much it will cost?

The new library will be supported entirely through a private, community-driven investment campaign. Community member are leading the campaign to raise the funds necessary to ensure that the Library meets our community’s needs. The current estimate for the new building is at $1.5 million. We hope that the money can be raised as soon as possible to prevent this number from inflating due to economic changes. We plan to break ground soon on the new Library in 2023-2024, though we have everything in place should we be able to build sooner.

More information about the library building project including renderings, frequently asked questions, and project donors are available on our website under the Capital Campaign tab.